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RIP color management software series

Product-nameRIP color management software series

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RIP color management software series

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Sharp printing RIP software is an image editing, typesetting and output software created by Hoson software. The software is mainly used for the pre processing of digital image output - image RIP (Raster Image Processor). RIP for outdoor large painting machine, photo machine, printing machine, digital typing machine customized professional output process, using RIP for professional digital image output, your work will become more simple, the output of the image will be more perfect!


Professional digital image output solutions:

  • Simple user interface              
  • Picture stepping and duplication of intelligence              
  • Segmented collage of large graph supports vector file output          
  • Support special color printing to support multilevel grayscale dots          
  • Support drawing software direct output dual color mode: Standard ICC mode, ICC model (gorgeous mode) core technology: "FullColor" color processing engine based on industrial standard ICC technology development, can fully control color, and developed a series of tools to control and confirm color, can help customers optimize color complex The effect is made. Correct the chromatic aberration between multiple printers and different consumables. Improve production efficiency, improve quality level and reduce wastage. The "extreme" FM dot preprocessing screen template is faster. The network board is selected randomly to eliminate the mesh texture. Intelligent distribution network, truly restore the original grayscale changes. Using delicate FM dots, the output dot image is smoother and the detail expressive power is stronger. Multi level gray dot technology can well support the size printing technology.

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