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As the high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial printing solutions, Shenzhen Hosonsoft System Inc. is in the leading position in the industry from software development to overall unit production and sales. Hosonsoft is committed to becoming a global leader in industrial printing and a world-class supplier of industrial printing solutions.

Hosonsoft's industrial printing areas include: digital textile printing solutions, advertising printing solutions, packaging printing solutions, 3D printing solutions, variable data & label printing solutions, PCB legend printing  solutions, Flatbed UV printing solutions, ceramic printing solutions, and more.

The technical fields involved in the company include deep insight in dot control, algorithms for image analysis, color management system and control electronics etc.

Hosonsoft's achievements come from the society and will definitely give back to the society. The company advocates achieving goals for both customers and employees, and encourages struggle-oriented. Hosonsoft is committed to enhancing the competitive advantage of domestic industrial printers, helping Chinese industrial printers to become the world's powers.