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2011 (spring) International Advertising Technology Exhibition

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China Sign (Spring) Expo 2011-Dongguan,China

China Sign (Spring) Expo 2011-Dongguan,China

February 28, 2011 -2011 March 4th (five days)                

Dongguan thick Street ‧Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

The first "Spring advertising and digital spray printing technology exhibition", organized by the industry for nearly 2 months, succeeded in the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in March 6, 2010. The first exhibition attracted nearly 200 companies, with an area of 22600 square meters. 2360 purchasers and more than 12000 domestic purchasers. In order to speed up the influence of the expansion of the self run exhibition, the sponsor will start to increase the investment of overseas propaganda by 2011, and strive to make the self exhibition the most influential advertising exhibition in the world in the next three years.

Exhibition Profile  Main Exhibits

 Indoor and outdoor jet printing equipment, carving equipment, digital imaging technology;

 Inkjet ink and inkjet cloth, body paste, reflective materials, photo paper, acrylic board, PVC foam board, aluminum plastic board and other consumables;

 Exhibition and display equipment, signs, signs, light boxes, luminescent products and other POP products;

 LED products and neon lamps