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Daily maintenance method of sprinkler

Shenzhen HosonSoft Co., Ltd. Hits:1757 Publication time:2018-08-03 SML

First.After the installation of the equipment and maintenance of the sprinkler head at the beginning of the equipment.

1 .In order to make the nozzle in the best operation state, before the equipment is formally started to undertake the production business, be sure to use 1~2 days to do as much as possible to print some pictures, the best picture is used in CMYK4 color, and on both sides of the picture, add C, M, Y, K4 color bars to ensure that the 4 sprinklers are always in the inkjet State.  

2 .It is better to remove the moisturizing sponge from the right side cleaning station with its bracket when painting.

Second.How to maintain and maintain the sprinkler after the work is completed every day. After all the printing operations are completed every day, to keep the nozzle in the best working condition and avoid blocking the nozzle due to the volatilization of solvent ink, please press the spray head to keep the equipment overnight.  

1 .Turn off the power supply for the equipment.  

2 .First use the special cleaning liquid to clean the moisturizing sponge, then pour the cleaning solution onto the sponge to soak it.  

3 .Move the head back to the cleanroom at the right side and make the nozzle tightly combined with the moisturizing sponge.  

4 .Keep this state of equipment for the night.

Third.Processing method of frequent nozzle blockage during spray painting process   

1 .First press the PAUSE key to suspend the painting work, then press the PURGE key to move the head to the most left cleaning position.  

2 .Keep the device power in the open state and remove all the liquid level sensor signals on the head control panel.  

3 .Remove the ink supply tube (from the vice ink tank) on the nozzle, and then use the glass syringe to extract the special cleaning liquid to clean the nozzle. Method: every time, 40ml cleaning liquid is used every 10 minutes, a total of 3~4 times.  

4 .After cleaning, re insert the signal line of the ink supply tube and the liquid level sensor, and then proceed to the printing operation previously suspended.